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Our Safety Standards


Personal Protective Equipment

Here at Alliance we believe in safety first so all our workers are required to wear all protective equipment to comply with OSHA regulations.

Alliance will provide gloves, work vest, glasses and a hard hat workers must bring there own boots steel/composite toe

As a union signatory Alliance puts all apprentices through a three and a half year process to becoming journeyman. These classes help teach our workers proper rules and regulations as well as receiving on site training from our own journeyman. 

Your trusted name in Roof demolition, asbestos, and lead removal services, with Offices spanning all of the California
area. Our company is determined on providing fast, efficient, top tier results for our customers.

"That's why make Alliance your first choice"

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*Alliance is a union signatory all roofer or asbestos applicants must be part of their respective local unions.*

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